posters and projects

It seems that I can't really get away from having too many projects, even when I put serious restrictions on taking on new work.

So, this page is a beginning attempt to organize and understand what the projects are that are upcoming in the future... as well as to let the reader in on how much crap is flying around in the future reaches of my mind at any one time. It will be sporadically updated; projects that are completed will move down towards the bottom; links will be included to their categories on the updates page. Ok?

get back to working on my print series!

December 2008: It's now been put off, or displaced by other projects / financial necessities, for waaaaay too long. I worked on the second print a bunch in April, and then again in July and August, and it was really exciting and relaxing to be back working on it again... but then I got caught up in other projects. At this point (Dec. 2008) I've stopped taking on any new projects, so I can get back to work on the next prints in the series... 2009 is more or less set aside for seeing it, if not all the way to completion, at least a good part there.

an instructional bread-making poster!

December 2008: I didn't get the poster done in time for the show (worked on the Forbes St. kitchen instead!) and it is still not done... all the transparencies are ready, it's just a question of printing...

August 2008: "This will be my contribution to the Sustainable Print Show, hosted by Meredith Stern at AS220 in November. I ditched another idea to do this instead — it seemed like it fit with the theme more, besides potentially being actually useful to people! Plus we all know what good bread is like. The poster will expand on the bread-making instructions I worked on for a little zine..."

a print for Tiny Showcase

December 2008: My original idea was changed a couple of times, totally transformed, and then set aside in place of a different and hopefully better idea. I worked for a while on the drawing for that one. Then I realized it was gonna be too crazy to get done in any kind of time... Now I'm thinking about making a new'n'different version of one of my other prints... Still unclear, but this WILL happen in the next couple of months.

>> Tiny Showcase — a web gallery and print publisher based in Providence.

August 2008: "I don't know what I'm going to do for this either. However, I think it will have a kitchen in it, it will be letterpress-printed by my cousin Dan Wood, and will include a sticker set. This will be awesome! If you want the heads up on when this print will be released, email me and I'll let you know when it's close: these TS prints tend to sell out right away, it's crazy. People like their tiny stuff, I guess..."

non-poster projects

another drying and storage rack for prints

December 2008: This so has not happened at all. I did, however, help clean up and organize the woodshop that I share... which I guess is some kind of progress. Blah.

August 2008: "It is actually now necessary for me to build the drying/storage rack that I have been meaning to build for a while. I've been using one rack I built for a year and a half now, so I know what modifications I need to make to the design to make it more functional. I even have most of the components already... which is good, because I'm pretty darn broke right now. Like everything, it's just a matter of finding the time: to re-work the measurements and dimensions, to make sure I have everything, then to go down to the shop and actually build it. Arrgh, time."

the kitchen at the forbes st. house

December 2008: We got a lot of work done in October and November, including a new sink and counter, shelves, other improvements. Now it's on hold again for a little bit....

August 2008: "Along with the resident/owners of a nine-and-a-half bedroom house, I am working on rethinking, redesigning, and rebuilding the kitchen there (originally built for servants to use) into a space that will be good for sharing work and cooking together. This project is sooooo ongoing..."


December 2008: Put off because of intense issues with new downstairs neighbors and not even being sure if we were going to be able to stay in the house. Now they're gone; friends are moving in downstairs on Jan. 1, and maybe the spring will see a clothesline finally...

Fall 2008: The project of attaching a clothesline to our house was started by my thrifty and/or environmentally conscious housemates Scott and Chris, but the task of finding brackets to hold the clothesline up has fallen to me. I have the feeling that this will involve welding, which I used to be good at, but haven't done in about 9 years. Yeah!

website and documentation

I code, maintain, update etc. this website myself. It's not the fanciest thing ever, & the stylesheet is really messy, but it serves the purpose, I think. I'm currently working on getting lots of recent and older work photographed, so I can add many new pages to the prints and posters section.


Summer 2008: I've had a plot at a community garden near our house for four years now... I've learned a lot, and this is the first year that I've actually felt like a somewhat-competent gardener. It's pretty exciting to pick and eat your own green beans, kale, arugula, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, etc...

keeping everything together...

Staying organized and (kind of) on time. Remembering to eat, do laundry, and change the cat's litterbox. Not getting distracted. Keeping track of where I put the keys, the list, the cup I was just holding. You probably know how this goes. It's not as easy as it should be...

recently completed projects

postcards and small prints for holiday sale time

December 2008: This year I am in Craftland! Which is a great craft-and-art sale that happens in Providence every year. I'm also selling stuff at my friends' store Eli Phant in Portland, Maine. You gotta have money to buy groceries at Price Rite: I make the stuff so I can make the money. It's okay. It's all good stuff, and it's all sold for cheap, and people are psyched. It works out.

a poster for Bread and Puppet's visit to Providence in October

September 2008: DONE.

August 2008: "This poster is going to be something between a collaboration with and a commission by Lydia Stein (puppetteer, muralist, accordion player, etc!) I'm going to teach her some screen-printing stuff so she can make a poster for some other early-October events, she's gonna help keep me fast & messy as we work side-by-side on the two posters. I'm excited to try to pace my working process in a different way... new experiments."

>> Bread & Puppet website — magical performances and rituals; I'm proud to be making this poster.

Truckmobile poster

mid-December 2008: Still haven't gotten paid for these prints yet!

September 2008: It took two years, but it's finished.

a poster for the Providence & Pawtucket Farmers' Markets.

June 2008: This one's done, yeah!

>> Farm Fresh RI — they organize the local tastiness.