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October 3, 2008 at 5:45 am

Bread and Puppet posters are printed, Jim at Black Cat cropped the edges for me, and they are going up around town.


first color (that horse!)
[that horse!]

second color

third color

finished poster (in a sloppily composited image) after the break. it’s almost three feet long/wide…!


the Brass Band invasion posters that I helped Lydia design and print are also done, and are already up.

two of the three colors
[two colors printed, lined up for color testing comparison]

[the posters are done!]

[as a super treat, here is Lydia’s original color concept sketch for the poster… a step that I rarely take, usually I let the colors work themselves out during printing — to mixed results. I really like this sketch, it’s awesome to be able to compare it to the finished poster!]

Now that these projects are over, and thanks to my brother Rich who has many of the same issues I do with time management etc, and so can really help me out with organization and such, I have a really solid schedule of work for the next three months, including:

  • setting up another desk in my room, which will a) take up all the space there is there, and b) allow me to have different areas for different kinds of work, which should theoretically allow me to get more work done with less cleaning up in between projects (this coming week)
  • the breadmaking poster for the Sustainable Art Show (before October 15th)
  • the “dishes” print for Tiny Showcase. I’m going to try to get the files to Dan Wood, who’ll be letterpressing the tiny (Tiny?) prints (October 15th) and finish my own screenprinted (larger) version (October 30th)
  • working with B to make a tiny animated .gif, which I have been wanting to do for a while. (don’t worry this will not involve me learning any new computer programs, that is why I’m working with an expert!) (by October 15th)
  • working with Andrew P. to make it so that people can automatically buy stuff off the website without having to get into an email exchange with me (before October 30th)
  • doing some other work on the website, including putting up the prints from ’05 to ’08 that have been missing from the site for forever, and adding a “commissions” page that says “NO I currently do not make posters on commission sorrrry !!!” This page will feature a list of other local screenprinters who do take commissions, so as to not leave the hopeful seekers entirely disheartened… (before October 30th)
  • finally get back to working on the next print in the print series (“Private Spaces”), which I am embarrassed and ashamed is so late in coming into existence (before October 30th)
  • work on re-printing one print, finishing printing another print, and making two new tiny prints for Craftland (before November 21st)
  • take a “vacation” which really means going up to worcester to work on the Forbes St. kitchen for a while (before and after Thanksgiving)
  • finish the final drawings for the “Private Spaces” print, and get at least its first two transparencies ready to print (before December 21st)
  • January in Providence: printing the Private Spaces print, working along on the transparencies as I print each color. this should be chilly and wintry: a good time to stay inside, turn the heat up, spend the money that’s in my savings account, eat lots of takeout tacos and pizza, and work in an enjoyable, experimental, yet goal-oriented fashion on this print.

I’m hopeful, and dedicated, but I’m not entirely sure how this schedule will pan out. Having concrete goals, deadlines that are more clear than “Get it done already jeez!!!!!!” is really helpful. Having a task to do that is specific, as opposed to “Work on it!”, is also a good strategy, that keeps me from looking at random stuff on the internet. Crepi!

If you are going to be at SPX in the DC area this weekend, my friend James McShane will have some of my zines, plus a postcard-sized print I made featuring buildings from New Your City, for sale at his table. James makes mysterious drawings which he assembles into rambling narratives, bound into books that are fat and chunky with raw edges. They are the only comics I know of that are made by hand with a power saw.

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