explorations and endeavors of ian jean gilpin cozzens

My name is Ian Gilpin Cozzens (yup, it used to be Jean!) — I'm a printer, designer, carpenter, artist, and teacher living & working in Providence, Rhode Island. I'm also a queer trans guy, a local farm volunteer, and a Scorpio (!).

You can probably catch me thinking or talking about cities and buildings, queerness, transgression, creating spaces, graphics and design, power, subversion, privilege, letterforms, gender expression, light and shadows, non-hierarchical projects, hand-craftsmanship, control, love, independence, rubylith, baking bread, construction details, and how to make awesomeness happen in the world.

I ride my bike everywhere, I wash lots of dishes, I drink lots of coffee, and I am not always on time.

check out the updates for more & newer info, photos, process work, thoughts, etc...

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none of it would (have) happen(ed) without:

my housemate family:

former housemates:

friend family, collaboration partners, & co-conspirators:

and lastly but not leastly!

  • my brothers and my family.

thanks everybody!