explorations and endeavors of ian jean gilpin cozzens

clipper mill
(in progress)

Begun in 2002. This was a commission which has been delayed for different reasons at different times... but it's still happening!

six patterns for everyday spaces

Oh my. This is my epically not-done, overly-ambitious, really exciting and challenging print series project. I'm still working on it... it's kind of overwhelming... but the ideas and graphics are still very compelling to me, and it will get done someday. Thanks for all of your patience!

bread poster & zine
(in progress)

Begun in 2008. I've put out a couple printings of an initial bread recipe zine; I'm still working on refining the design & re-printing it, and there will also be a poster version.

truckmobile process

This project was finished in 2008. I've kept this page around as some evidence of the process of making it... and as proof that even the really late stuff does someday get finished!

"ruins"/Durruti process

This print was begun in 2002 and finished in 2007-2008. This process page preserves some of my early work on its text and image...