explorations and endeavors of ian jean gilpin cozzens


(various color versions of this print are available in the store!)

This line drawing was originally made for a 'live screenprinting' gig some friends and I were hired to do at RISD. It is still walking around town on a bunch of people's t-shirts and sweatshirts!

I re-printed it, in various different colorways, to make prints I could give to my family and sell for super-cheap at art sales.

The drawing shows (in somewhat cartoony form) one of my favorite aspects of Providence: the fact that the industrial buildings and residential triple-deckers are really intertwined with each other, that people (used to) work and live right in the same neighborhood... The mills are somewhere between proud parents and merciless deities, watching over their flock of houses...

This might be the place to acknowledge the debt that this print (and my work in general) owes to the work of Alex Lukas, specifically the poster he made for Brown Student Radio in the early 2000s.... I couldn't find a picture of that poster on the internet, but if this shout-out is meaningful to you, you probably know what I'm talking about!

(note: this print was called "little city" for a period of a couple weeks, when I forgot that the original title was "neighborhood"... then someone reminded me, so I switched it back!)