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May 6, 2008 at 11:43 pm

Okay, so it’s true that I seriously believed that nobody would come to the opening, or that a lot of people would come and that they all would think it was terrible. Neither of the above happened! At least as far as I could tell. Whew. I got to meet some new people, and see some old friends, and rode the wave of sleep-deprivation-induced elation until I got back to my house, packed up my stuff, & headed to Worcester for the night. It was pretty great — thanks for coming if you came; if you didn’t/couldn’t, I’ll have pictures up soon, and it’ll stay in the gallery till May 25th.

At the opening, Andrew walked into the back room, with all the sketches, drawings, & scraps pinned up on the walls, and said, “hey, it’s just like Jean’s room!” which was pretty right on. Now that the contents of my walls are all up in the gallery, what to put on the walls of my room?

Other people’s artwork!

The print on the upper left is not other people’s, of course — it’s the Curtis St. apartment print that I just got done for the show. But it’s so new, and it got done so fast, that I feel like I have barely looked at it yet. So there it is. Clockwise from upper left:

57-59 Curtis St, Olneyville, Providence, RI

Jeff Hartford (from western mass, performs as Noise Nomads, his first silkscreen ever)

Jamie Buckmaster (this is one of a series of blockprinted matchboxes which encourage the use of matches as toys, detail is below)

Meg Turner (if she has a website, I can’t find it, but her show is opening at the Woods-Gerry gallery here in Providence this Thursday, May 8th, 6-7:30 pm. The work she will show supposedly includes a 30 foot long drawing of the Providence Fruit & Produce Warehouse. Not to be missed!)

Scøtt Reber (aka noise performer Work/Death. This is the two sides (un-cut or -folded), of the insert for one of the new tapes on Scøtt’s label, Three Songs of Lenin. He’s leaving tonight on a two-week tour of the Northeast, with a bunch of other noise dudes…)

Erik Ruin (philadelphia-based printmaker & shadow puppetteer)

exquisite corpse (new angle-foldy method) by Andrew P & myself…….

I’m glad to have new stuff on the wall.


[Erik & Scøtt]

[me & Jeff]

[Meg & Jamie]


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