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a spicerack is born

January 9, 2008 at 2:59 am

In September, the wall on the stove-side of the chimney looked like this:

the forbes kitchen with plaster walls and shelves full of stuff

From almost the same point of view, here is Andrew working on patching the old stovepipe holes in the chimney that was within the wall. (Saturday Jan. 5)

the same wall, minus its shelves, with no plaster and a chimney revealed behind the wall

Sunday morning, Jan. 6 — the studs have been removed (note the props to L & R of the chimney) and the masonry repairs are complete.

the chimney stands alone

Sunday evening — The new wall/spicerack is in place, Kelly puts in screws to secure it to the ceiling joists.

a new wall, of 2x4s and plywood, is being put in in front of the chimney

Sunday night: it is structurally complete — though missing a bunch of smaller shelves.

the new wall has an alcove that will hold shelves for spices

Kelly & Anna demonstrate the sweet (if slightly tight on the right side) fit of the Forbes St. spice jars on the rack.

the bottom shelf of the spice rack holds five jars of spices across...

Anna, Nik, and Kelly are going to add the rest of the shelves for spices — next weekend we work on dismantling and rebuilding the other bearing wall on the opposite (sink-) side of the chimney.


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