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November 30, 2007 at 5:50 am

I went away for the thanksgiving holiday, brought my computer with me, and worked on the web site. Now that I’m back, I’m continuing to work on it… for just a little while.

Website facts:

  • It’s so not done.
  • It is completely distracting me from doing “real work” aka: drawing and printing.
  • I know very little about making websites, and am continually learning in the “figuring it out as you go along” method.
  • It is infinite, fascinating, and could be worked on endlessly.
  • Progress is made very slowly.
  • It is extremely satisfying when something works right (in the phrase of my 9th grade QBasic teacher Matt Zipin, when I was able to tell the computer to do exactly what I wanted it to do).
  • There is nothing more exciting than knowing nothing about something, then five hours later, understanding (more or less) how it works and how to implement it towards your goals. Yeah learning!

screenshot of gallery in progress

Screenshot of new web site format, showing the gallery page (in progress).


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