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1869 tiny holes

March 6, 2009 at 4:03 pm

…or so.

tiny holes in formica-covered plywood

as of now I have 1110 done.

I am making a vacuum table which will (crosses fingers) make all printing much easier, and make large areas of transparent colors more reliably print smooth and evenly. However, it is taking me a very long time to drill all these holes.

I have never been sure if I accurately understand the word “boring”: even in situations like waiting in line at the DMV, etc, there is always something to be fascinated or at least intrigued by. Sometimes I get frustrated and angry — which is very different from being bored. However, with this project I think am getting the sense of what people mean when they say they are bored. The telling effect is that I just can’t keep doing it for longer than 80 or so holes at a time, I keep getting up and going off to do something…

So, the way I am thinking about it (to keep myself from getting “bored”?) is this: I am gaining a new understanding of the physical & temporal reality of large numbers.

seen in downtown providence, a couple of days ago:

the good news
(the headline on the single copy of the nominally Christian paper inside this box was a diatribe against the evils of homosexuals, gay marriage, and the liberal left…)

I made an etsy page as an experiment (and because Caroline Paquita convinced me to!), it has one thing on it, the little coffee maker print:

link to secret door etsy store

okay — back to drilling holes!

oh man it’s finally done

February 20, 2009 at 6:25 am

drying rack #2 !!!!!!!

It’s two years later and my drying rack design is so much improved. The second rack works much better, and is actually simpler in its construction, than the first one which you can see to its left!

improved print drying rack

(the same side of the studio, april 2008.)

Here’s the how the top & side connect:


Yes, I like cutting things precisely, even when working with medium-quality plywood and drywall screws… and yes, I finally bought a dado blade set, it does beautiful work…! (It may only be hilarious to me that the same week, I bought a food processor: two things I had felt the severe lack of for a long time, both potentially dangerous, high-precision, specific-purpose, well-made cutting tools… at opposite ends of the classic gender binary!)

The whole thing, without the shelves — it’s on wheels (or else it would be totally immobile: it’s bulky, about 3’x3’x4′, and when the shelves are in, it’s pretty heavy).

exterior structure

I don’t know why this took me sooo long to finish, it’s what I’ve been working on, or at least, putting as my first priority, for the past two weeks. Initial guesses: some difficulty with logistics like transporting wood and tools from my house to the shop (requires a car, which I don’t have); being restricted in how late I could work in the shop, since people with ‘normal’ schedules live and sleep above it (and I usually work late at night); needing to recruit a helper for cutting large pieces of plywood on the table saw (a problem I partially solved by finally, yesterday!, setting up a run-out table to catch wood coming through the saw); and really, a lot of ‘being scared’ of the project and getting overwhelmed by the thought processes necessary to figure out the numbers precisely and actually finish it. I don’t know why that is scary, because it is also the fun part! But there is a feeling that I got to know quite well during the process of making this rack, that would stop me, when it would get late or I would be tired or cold, that would just say in my ear: “Man, go to bed, this is too complicated to figure out when you are [tired/cold/sleepy], just work on it in the morning!” and my thought processes would stop dead.

Oh, also the fact that for a lot of the past two months, the temperatures in the woodshop have been BELOW FREEZING — that might have had something to do with the long time this project has taken me. (This is a recent realization: till a couple of days ago, I thought it was just really, really cold in there, then one of my fellow shop-mates pointed out that the sprinkler system must be a dry one, because otherwise its pipes would have burst…) Mostly I wear fingerless gloves down there; but because I’m not an idiot, I take them off to run stuff through the tablesaw… plus the square and ruler I use are both made of metal… ow ow ow. Looking forward seriously to SPRING.

Building this second drying-rack is a precursor to cleaning up my studio & sorting out the long-unsorted piles, which is a precursor to printing. Which I have to do, to finish up old stuff, before I can really draw any more new stuff. All in all, that means: I will be working on posters and prints soon. !!!

Books and magazines have been piling up in my bed-loft: the other day I counted 17 and took a picture.

pile of books in bed!

(subject matter, generally: architecture, japanese art, dystopian futures, radical art & politics, gender identity and theory, photography, feminism, utopia… plus a couple of national geographics from 1988.)

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