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April 16, 2008 at 1:31 am

or, why this is not a ‘blog’, and what is it?

With no disrespect to the original keepers of web logs (ex. 1) (ex. 2), the word “blog” bothers me. It’s overused, it’s one of those nouns that people have made into a verb (like the national chain copy place tried to do with ‘office’), and it’s really ubiquitous right now. Also, I am dubious about the value of putting lots of your personal history/information all up on the internet for anybody to see. The fact that all the ‘blogs’ in the world can be more or less summed up in a comic is kind of telling.

If you are collaboratively archiving historic ephemera that might otherwise go unseen, posting interesting images and links and then serving as a forum where intrigued people can discuss stuff, or keeping a personal journal which also has become a touchstone for your local creative/weird community, or any other kind of thing that is useful and interesting and relevant to anybody besides yourself, then it makes sense. I have my own doubts about the interesting-ness of anything I could put out there, so I am careful to make these ‘updates’ not a diary, and to keep them focused on my work and projects. . . though other stuff will slip in. Usually there’s a time lag between when things happen, when photos are taken, and when I get around to writing about them here, so it’s not even a ‘log’ in the sense of writing down things that happened that day. . .

Partly this page exists so people who have subscribed to my print series can keep track of where I am on it, and if I’m not working on it, they can see what I am working on. Partly it helps me to keep track of where I am, and to remember that every small step — building a new table for printing on, for instance — is important and part of my work, even though it doesn’t result in “art work”.

The to-do list can be helpful, but it can also make you cringe at all the things that remain un-completed at the end of the day or week. Conversely, the list of things you have done can get surprisingly long, and feel very satisfying to make when you are tired out at the end of a long day. This page is something along those lines.


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