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further activist imagery

January 15, 2016 at 6:47 am

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you want to use this graphic for the purpose of supporting the Black Lives Matter project/movement/etc. you can! See the bottom of this post. However, DO NOT modify them to say other stuff… Especially (and I shouldn’t even have to say this) that “Blue” or “All” lives matter. Come on, folks. Just google it if you need more info, better people than me have written about why not to do that.

ALSO: If you want to make a graphic of different words in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, please DRAW YOUR OWN letterforms: don’t adapt these letterforms, it’s like putting words in my mouth that I didn’t say. Thank you! — Ian

large letters in red and white that say: BLACK LIVES MATTER

I cut these letters extremely tiny out of rubylith a little more than a year ago, while I was working epic hours on an unrelated project & was feeling horrified and shocked by national events, and inspired by protestors’ responses to them. Lara Henderson & some friends at the AS220 Printshop printed up a bunch of them much, much larger on some rigid chipboard, cause I didn’t have time to, which was great cause they were able to be used by protestors in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement here in Providence, in a timely fashion.

screenshot of the Providence Journal website showing a photograph of protestors holding Black Lives Matter signs
[this photo is by Maria Caporizzo]

Sometime in mid-2015, I printed about 200 more of them, giving them to friends & distributing them through AS220… those were also soon gone. This past fall, an activist group in Providence asked me if they could print some more, and I said yes and finally made a scalable vector file. They were printed by local artist Nina Ruelle and they are available around town.

That group describes itself thus:

“…a newish group in RI called the White Noise Collective. This is an anti-racism organization specifically interested in engaging white people in the struggle against racism and white supremacy. The group specifically examines and works from the intersection of white supremacy and gender oppression. Here’s a link to the organization’s chapter from Oakland. In addition, we are affiliated with showing up for racial justice (SURJ).”

The money that the RI chapter of the White Noise Collective brings in from selling the prints is going to the national Black Lives Matter organization and also to the local Providence organization DARE (Direct Action for Rights & Equality).

Since I apparently don’t have time to keep the posters in print myself (despite my intentions of doing so), and since they could be useful to folks outside RI, I wanted to make the image file available to the general public to print, copy, and distribute in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

I have three requests to go along with the images:

1) use them for purposes consistent with & supporting the Black Lives Matter movement/contribution/project.

2) if you sell them or accept donations for them, please put any money made (beyond your printing costs) towards:

  • local organizations in your community that are Black-led and are supporting Black people’s lives & life chances (maybe you are part of one of these organizations! if so, feel free to use/sell this image as you need to.)
  • the national BLM movement and/or BLM protestors’ bail funds/jail support

3) [persnickety design nerd request!] please don’t stretch or squish the image in either direction — you can make it larger or smaller, but keep it proportional. To do this in Photoshop or Illustrator, click on the “direct selection tool” (that first one at the top of the tools menu, the “black arrow”) then hold down SHIFT to keep the proportions, while using your cursor to drag the arrow at one of the corners. request #3 is less important the above two, obviously! no fits will be thrown, it’s just my innermost heart’s desire, but not ultimately necessary. ;)

here are the files! these are download links to Adobe Illustrator and PDF files, so they may not show up “correctly” in your browser — if it doesn’t begin a download, just go to Save Page As under the File menu to save them to your computer.

8.5×11-page-size PDF file (ready to print out)

11×17-page-size PDF file (ready to print out, if your printer can print 11″x17″!)

Adobe Illustrator vector file

ENJOY, utilize, give me credit if you feel like it, but if it doesn’t make sense or isn’t convenient, don’t worry about it. :) Send me a picture if you print them & use them: secretdoorprojects (a) gmail dot com.

a hand with black nail polish pointing to a pile of screenprinted signs that say: Black Lives Matter
[thanks to Shey Rivera for this photo!]

I’m assuming most folks reading this would be familiar with the context & origins of the Black Lives Matter phrase & movement, but I came across these articles which I learned some more from:

If there are any more relevant links or information that I should put here, please let me know and I would be happy to add them!

ps. have I been spelling “protestor” wrong this whole time aka. my entire life? … “protestEr” just doesn’t look right!!!


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