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October 5, 2012 at 4:22 am

Radio silence here, due to mostly-quitting facebook (it was sucking all my life, time, & attention away?) and spending a lot of time taking care of long-procrastinated projects around the house & in the studio. Which has mostly meant cleanup & organization, sorting out things, taking action on random un-acted-on things, and building shelves. I probably haven’t talked about how much I like building shelves… more on that sometime soon, along with pictures of the shelves. (“It’s not hoarding if the stuff is on a shelf, right???”)

Now it’s back to art work, somewhat reluctantly. The studio is way way way more organized & more of an actual useful active work space than it’s been since we started renting it (SIX YEARS as of early September ’12!), so now I know how long it takes to have a functional studio space come together, for future reference. I find myself with a physical desire to keep organizing “just a little bit more”, to “really put things into place”, but I’m aware that organizing itself can be a procrastination tactic for me. I want to recognize the substantive value of “setting up” even in the absence of “actually playing” (as evidenced by the hours my childhood best friend Alyssa and I would spend “setting up” the My Little Ponies, in preparation for “playing with them” which never quite actually happened, the “setting up” was engaging enough in itself or maybe was really the whole point…). However, in my semi-grownup or at least no-longer-9-years-old life, I have stuff I want to make and this studio is a functional structure for letting that stuff happen, not an end in itself!

So this is what’s happening right now:

… getting ready to re-print these guys which have been my bread-n-butter in terms of what people want to spend money on around these parts; all five colors of the first printing are now pretty much all gone! Tuesday I got struck down by some sickness (cold & fever?), tried to fight it, Wednesday didn’t get much done besides a long bicycle errand, today gave in & spaced out & made good food & napped all day, taking care of the sickness which was making me immobile & useless… Then mixed some colors tonight, as seen in the photo. I’m trying to get just a couple of the second edition of these Industrial Trust Buildings printed before the RISD street art sale which is happening on Saturday October 6th, very very soon!

Also listening to a live Work/Death set consisting of Scott putting a bunch of random metal items on a crappy old turntable & recording its rotation. Ambient aluminum rustlings. Lovely.


  1. Hey Ian,

    Hope you’re well! Was wondering if you’re selling any of the Industrial Trust Building works above? If so, how much? I’m also interested in checking out some of your other fabulous work. I’m looking for a gift for a friend!

    If you prefer you can email me directly.


    Comment by AJ — October 12, 2012 @ 7:54 pm
  2. hey AJ! (& anybody else interested…) I don’t have the five versions above, those are all gone! but I do have two new color versions of these prints for sale… & I’ll have some more after this weekend, I finally finished all the shelf projects (!) so I’m back to printing right now. the web store is broken at the moment, that’s my next task to fix… and then take some pictures… agh, logistics. BUT if you (or anyone) is local to the Providence area, you can always come over & check stuff out at my studio (as noted above, newly cleaned up!). and if you have specific stuff you want, just ask, I probably have copies of it around… AJ, I’ll be in touch — anyone else, email me here: http://www.secretdoorprojects.org/getintouch.html

    Comment by ian — October 19, 2012 @ 5:49 pm
  3. okay, Industrial Trust Building prints in four new colorways are done & totally in stock, and the webstore works again (phew!). you can see the new colors here: http://www.secretdoorprojects.org/store4/category/colorways/industrial-trust-bldg/ … and/or be in touch to visit the studio & check out other work!

    Comment by ian — January 11, 2013 @ 7:56 pm

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