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police! stop judging people by their skin color

May 31, 2012 at 5:37 pm

I am excited to have been part of this rally against racial profiling — actually, a rally to push the RI state legislature to get the long-delayed racial profiling bill out of committee and passed — that PrYSM, a Providence youth activism organization, put together. I also got to help make some signs: yaknow, drawing letters freehand, my favorite thing to do!

PrYSM is a great organization & their collaborative campaign against racial profiling, especially profiling of youth, is really strong. They made this video, Fitting The Description, to talk about why they are working on what they are working on:

Here’s one of the signs I made, note the piece on the right-hand side cut off the left-hand side & taped on when I ran out of room to finish the word “profiling”, ha!

…and captured in action during the protest. Photos by Tina Meetran.

The man carrying the sign in the photo above is a former police officer… !

This sign went back to PrYSM’s office with the others, but I watched one of the protest attenders walk away with the other sign, the one that says “Police…” Who knows whether he was into it, or it was just an absentminded acquisition? I hope the former — it is always an honor when any of my work finds a resonance with somebody — but you never know.


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