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oh cleanup

May 15, 2012 at 12:37 am

I realized my room/studio (where I draw) is messy to the point of being un-usable. As in, it’s hard to stay in there & I feel like all the piles are going to fall down on me when I try to work at the desk. Which is the drawing place, the place where it should be really enjoyable to spend time because drawing is the most fun part of my work… right? So why is this place the most intimidating / feels the most precarious of any place in my house??? And, even worse, how long has it felt this way without me articulating it as such?

No pictures, it’s too embarrassing / sensitive. Now I’m wrapped up in cleanup / hopeful paradigm shift for my workspace. And things unrelated to work are going great! Even this cleanup hopefully signals/echoes the start of some new times & a different relationship to the physical scenario around me… will check in in a day or two with cleanup update… if I don’t get buried under piles… !

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  1. well, two evenings later & I’m still cleaning up my studio (though I did also clean the bathroom, to the relief of my housemates, I think). also we organized our basement & cleaned out more stuff from the back basement, which we decided is the digestive tract of the house, ie. you put stuff there that you don’t know what to do with it, and in a year it has gotten totally moldy & then you know what to do with it!

    first night: get the precarious crap off of little table by my door, get rid of chair that was just a place for clothes/mess to pile up, sort clothes, change litterbox, clean up floor under desks…

    second night: clean up & organize small desk, including piles of stuff I hadn’t dealt with in a year or two probably… so much dust, so much difficult concentration & thinking about all this stuff, YIKES

    today & tonight: clean up & organize main desk, hopefully also get to the pile of stuff on the trunk including “medical info” “financial info” “cereal box collection” “coffee shop paperwork” “one squished house centipede of unclear provenance” etc.

    my goal behind doing this all in a discrete timeframe is to have it all clean at the same time, no more shifting mystery piles around… well maybe I’ll put a box of old paperwork up in the back stairwell or something, but I really want it all clean at once!

    Comment by ian — May 17, 2012 @ 1:22 am

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