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it’s that time of year again…

April 22, 2012 at 3:16 am

…past time, actually. But I’m excited to be working on the Southside Community Land Trust‘s Plant Sale poster again, the fourth one I’ve done so far!

(my past posters for SCLT: 200920102011)

Sneak preview.

letters (click for larger, in the upper-left-hand corner check out the pinpricks I used to transfer the letters from tracing paper):

more letters, all related:

laying out the drawing on the kitchen floor so I can make a vanishing point that goes *way* off the [very large] page!

The actual imagery of the poster (slightly visible in the photo above) is much more developed now, that photo is from a week or so ago…

I get super melancholic when I think about how many beautiful buildings & places & spaces have disappeared from this city since I moved here (1999).

I’ve (finally?) turned to photography as a consolation for this, and as a way to remember that things are always changing & to be okay with that. I used to really look down on carrying a camera; I was against “instant nostalgia“, against “making memories through taking pictures rather than remembering”, and all: “I can draw it better than I can take a picture, and I’ll learn more about it while I draw it!”. I still mostly believe those things… but at some point I realized that I can’t draw fast enough and ultimately just can’t draw *enough* to document all the beautiful disappearing things that I will want to have a record of in the future. So photography becomes a necessary-yet-incomplete resistance to the constant forgetting that life in a changing city consists of…

But yaknow, it’s also springtime so what better moment to bike around & take pictures of hand-designed, yet still-not-all-obsolete, signs in Providence!

oof, logistical difficulties

April 14, 2012 at 11:11 pm

Hey, this website and server friends Meg Turner & Chris Monti are finally back after a while out of commission having been taken over by a wordpress virus. :C (super sad face.) Now I’m doing some serious server maintenance/cleanup with the help of generous tech whiz Chris Erway, & I’m also updating the old wordpress installations featuring my brother Rich’s projects from a couple of years ago: Iraqi Stories (travelogue) and Abu Wilyam (his notes on Damascene culture & language interactions – no link since not quite updated yet!)… at the same time as I’m doing business accounting & my taxes! BLURGH

Also I’m wrapped up in other logistics: organizing events & conversations around town, non-art things that involve other personal progress & are pretty logistical… Also I’m working on some posters, one majorly overdue, one just on time! And I’ll be selling prints & postcards with the above-mentioned Meg Turner at the RISD Alumni spring sale on May 5th. Possibly that’s it? but it feels like a lot.

Anyways, glad to be back & present on this corner of the internet. At the top is a picture of me with Albert, my downstairs neighbor’s cat who disappeared a week ago… :C (super sad face again, sadder than the dumb internet stuff…) If you see this guy, pick him up & bring him back!

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