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I used to hate the color pink

January 11, 2012 at 6:01 am

A lot of things happened and now I am working on a bunch of projects at the same time as per usual, rolling forward with some experimental / totally new & unknown-territory stuff while I try to ACTUALLY finish long-unfinished things and push myself to work harder on comics (right now, in the form of lots of ink/brush/wash experimentation / practice / fooling around) and keep putting on events that help build the queer community in Providence (right now, a series of monthly queer dance parties in our basement, next one’s February 11th, mark those calendars (or contact me for details)!).

Also I started a one-day-a-week coffee shop called “Coffee Club” in my friends’ office/gallery, partly as a way to have “a job”, and partly as a way of creating a warm creative community space where people can meet & be sociable through the winter months… come join us! Fridays, 186 Carpenter St. Providence, 12-8pm.

I should be writing about all this stuff as it happens, instead of doing giant summary posts three months apart, um well I’m a terrible blogger.

This (and the photo at the top) shows the beginning of an experimental project, which I’m working on with my truly awesome intern Alison Nitkiewicz, who is a printmaker, feminist, student, & part of my community of friends here in Providence. These giant sheets of bond paper, printed in various gradations of transparent ink, are collage material: they are going to go out into the world & be used to construct worlds.

[as seen with the toes of my boots; Alison, you were totally right about having some full sheets of each of these blues & not just printing them on the small paper!]

[as seen with Alison’s boots]

Pink & blue were just the first colors, there will be more, never fear, we’re not trying to stick to an essentialist binary here!

Also I haven’t really posted lots of pictures of friends on this website at all ever but here’s us dancing around in the kitchen to the music of the pop star who just had her baby the night/morning of our basement dance party… and yes, my housemate is holding the empty shells of 30 eggs… breakfast was delicious…

…and this is some beautiful people (there were more out of the frame of the picture and taking the picture) in the living room of our house the morning after the party, there was a sleepover…

…so maybe later I’ll write about what I’ve been thinking about regarding putting on events as an important path towards creating community, and how making social spaces is “real work” and totally meaningful, even though they are ephemeral and don’t fit into the standard definitions of what is productive… but I can’t write about that right now, there’s stuff to do!

I can say two words about pink, though, which is this: I used to hate it because I thought it would make me look girly and that people would categorize me with other girls if I wore it… now I like it, I think mostly because it reminds me to keep reclaiming things I am afraid of… and because it is super gay, and guess what?

so am I.

More soon!


  1. Cool! This was so wonderful to read! I miss ya! I need to make some time soon to see 186 Carpenter and grab a cup of coffee with you.

    – R

    Comment by Rebecca Volynsky — January 11, 2012 @ 9:41 am
  2. you’re awesome and I miss you.

    Comment by Sally Struever — January 11, 2012 @ 3:43 pm
  3. LOVE the update. Can’t wait to, hopefully, hear more about the collage project. also enjoyed seeing the pics of your friends/community and party aftermath. makes me wish i could travel northeast and grab a cup of coffee with you all.


    Comment by eric — January 23, 2012 @ 1:14 am
  4. thanks everybody! Rebecca, I would absolutely love to see you, give me a call or an email… or stop by coffee club, but I’m always a little bit busy there…!

    Sally! I miss you too. how’s the kid? how’s stuff? ? ? ? ? I just found on the back of an old “Fight To Save Eagle Square” poster a note I wrote to you in 2001, something about how I was borrowing your car to go pick up windows out of the trash… and then an addendum noting how I had left them in the car because it had been “too hard” to get them out… ! <3

    Eric! thanks! come visit providence sometime! I'm gonna try to be more regular with posting updates on projects these days (hopefully part of the effect of having an intern & a one-day-a-week regular "job", and trying to stay on a regular schedule...). hope you're well & that things are good!

    Comment by ian — January 26, 2012 @ 4:16 pm
  5. […] layer… but it seemed to be a good way to counter the ‘prettiness’ of the purple & pink […]

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