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problems with site…

December 9, 2010 at 5:05 am

Really quick — many of the links in the header are broken, due to some more hacking / malware insertion. The malicious files are gone, so won’t be getting downloaded onto your computer… but somehow, something is still directing any links, besides the “store” and the “updates”, to a (luckily now missing) malicious file. We’re working on getting those directed back to where they should be going.
Done and fixed! see comment below……

I don’t know why someone writes a program just for the purpose of messing with someone else who never did anything to them — but suffice it to say that this is incredibly frustrating, and though it’s crucial, it feels like an incredible waste of time to work to fix it: since it’s just to undo someone’s random and malicious handiwork. I appreciate political / principled hackers… but randomly destructive work, I do not understand at all.

back soon… jean

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  1. Fixed! and Upgraded!

    thanks to Jacob, who’s been dealing with the same kind of attacks, for saving me a reported four days of work in figuring out where the crap was located, and for the kick in the pants to finally upgrade my wordpress installation (!)… and thanks to Tatyana for awesome company and a warm place to work on this!

    Now to upgrade the store, Meg’s site, and a couple other places….

    Comment by jean — December 9, 2010 @ 11:28 pm

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