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secret store! + photo aggregation

March 6, 2010 at 11:48 pm

store screenshot…

After a ton of figuring out & tinkering & messing around & adjusting & learning learning learning learning learning, I finally got the long-promised internet store up & running! It’s not totally perfect yet, but it’s at least in a state that I feel comfortable with showing to the world… so… here ya go!

secret store!

I’ll be adding a couple of prints to it every monday, some old finds from the archives, some new work hopefully! It has its own RSS feed, so subscribe to find out about new stuff, tell your friends, spread the word… YES. (and of course let me know if you find any broken links or problems as you click around there!)

Also, I’ve started putting images — photos, process shots, drawing tidbits, neat things I see (mostly buildings & letterforms), and some details of finished prints — up here on tumblr

tumblr screenshot

… which I like a lot so far. It’s letting me post images that don’t really need a update post for themselves… hopefully it’ll reduce the amount of random stuff that goes up here, & eventually make an interesting narrative/collection/aggregation in its own right. It’s been useful to read back over this updates site to remember what I was thinking about & what was going on in my life at various times… I think the photo collection page will become worthwhile in the same way.

rubylith insanity

Okay that’s it, I am working on crazy rubylith (seen above), about to go teach a silkscreen class (or two) in New Orleans at Louisiana Artworks (if you are there you should take it!), trying to get a last bunch of stuff organized & together before I leave! I am kind of broke so all I will be able to do when I am there, besides teach, is sit on the sidewalk & draw… which I am actually pretty much delighted about. Constraints!

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