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epic organization

February 1, 2010 at 4:02 am

9 years of work…

I’ve been spending the past two days up in the studio working on organizing & sorting out my flat file & print storage shelves (assisted on Saturday by one of my awesome interns, Kate!). This is partly to take advantage of the ever-recurring January potential of “new year, new beginnings”, and partly to get ready for the secret door projects store, aka. “secret store!”, which is now actually about 80% in existence & officially coming soon. To have a store, I have to know what I actually have to sell, right?

…all spread out on the floor…

Well, it turns out that I have more than I thought I did… In sorting out the flat file, I turned up some edition copies of the American Woolen Co. print (which I didn’t even think I had any of for my own archives!), some good copies of the Knitting Machine – Providence print, some perfect copies of the Happy Birthday Mike Leslie print, a couple of edition copies (plus some artist proofs) of the Knitting Machine – MassMoCA print… plus a bunch of other stuff that I thought I was entirely out of, or only had mis-prints or damaged prints remaining.

…don’t trip!

All this will be in the store when it is up! Which should be (I say tentatively) by this coming Sunday. It would be up sooner, except I am headed to New Orleans tomorrow morning & I’m hopefully gonna be drawing, printing, & taking pictures (and maybe building some stuff) the whole time I am there.

also notable in the past week or so:

“Hunter Plaid Perspective”

feat. Serena & Will:
pattern in perspective I

and then Serena, Meg, & Will (we found another shirt!):
pattern in perspective II

[these images are a photo response to: “R U A Team Player?“]

…and, last but not least, they have been tearing down the remaining 195 highway. The steel framework surrounding the painted concrete columns had been providing reinforcement for its crumbling structure….

wickenden st. / point st. overpass


  1. Wow, it’s amazing to see them tear down that bridge! That part of town is going to look completely different. Glad you’re feeling productive and organized these days! Just wondering, do you have plans to ever finish the Six Patterns for Everyday Spaces project? I had been looking forward to the series of six prints, and only ever got the first one.

    Comment by Robin — February 1, 2010 @ 3:57 pm
  2. short answer: YES. making this internet store (and other logistical stuff that I am working on right now) is basically a way to allow people to buy prints and let me have money coming in, without going through the epic series of emails that are now necessary when people want to buy something. if I don’t have to take commissions, or spend so much time on logistics, that then will free up chunks of my time to work on the print series project… which (I’ve found!) requires chunks of time, not just a week here and there. So, trying to set up systems, not just wait to get the next thing & the next thing done….

    Comment by jean — February 2, 2010 @ 2:29 pm
  3. […] be adding a couple of prints to it every monday, some old finds from the archives, some new work hopefully! It has its own RSS feed, so subscribe to find out about new stuff, tell […]

  4. […] be adding a couple of prints to it every monday, some old finds from the archives, some new work hopefully! It has its own RSS feed, so subscribe to find out about new stuff, tell […]

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