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imagined neighborhoods

November 16, 2009 at 9:31 pm

After the precise-alignment-style process of printing the Polish Home prints (and after resting for a day to catch up on sleep!) it was super fun to make some more of these big messy prints:

“neighborhood” prints

I made this drawing in 2006 maybe? and have been printing them up every so often. It’s a theoretical Providence (or New England for that matter) neighborhood, with triple-deckers mixed in among industrial buildings. They are fast & loose to print, and offer me a good chance for color experimentation. I really really like the color combinations that are on this batch; there are some good rainbow-roll gradients: red/brown & silver, purple/blue & pink, green/blue & light green (plus variations on & remixes of the above).

The brown kraft paper reflects the light in interesting ways and sets off the bright inks: there are lots of opportunities for similar / different value contrasts. It’s hard to do precise alignment on it, though — it’s thin & uneven, and distorts when the ink dries (I’ve worn the skin off my fingertips doing a long run of attemptedly-precise prints on kraft paper, sticking down every print to the spray glue on the table, trying to smooth out the wrinkles!) — so it’s great for something like this where the imprecise alignment of the two color layers is part of what makes it awesome.

close up…

I printed them last night, biked them down to Craftland today!

Oh yeah, blatant self-promotion! These little neighborhood prints, along with other work of mine, are for sale at the Craftland shop downtown, among many very brightly colored and poppy objects. I’m working right now on some new stuff & some re-prints that will be there for the holiday-season epic Craftland sale extravaganza…

Here’s their banner, featuring a slightly-creepy-and-submissive-but-charming-as-always Jen Corace girl…!

craftland sale…


  1. but I can’t get to craftland, and I want one!!! (pout!)

    Comment by deb — November 18, 2009 @ 7:39 pm
  2. hi Deb! Other people have brought up the same issue, so here’s the scenario. The prints are $10 each & $4 for shipping. Their dimensions are 28″x15″. There are two layers & multiple colors, on kraft paper which is not archival but is beautiful (tradeoffs!).

    There is a paypal button here: http://www.secretdoorprojects.org/forsale/forsale.html; it’s a ‘donation’ form so you can enter the total (web store = someday?). I took all the ones I printed sunday night to Craftland (since my brown paper roll ran out) but I’ll be printing more this weekend, mailing them out on Monday.

    If you buy one, let me know what color scheme you want. There will be purple-blue ones, red-brown ones, and blue-green ones, with pink, silver, or green background layers… They are all slightly different, so specify “warm” or “cool” colors, with complementary or contrasting background, and a preference for “pink” or “no pink”… I will pick an awesome one that fits those criteria! (Some people really don’t like pink — which usually includes me, but in this case I think the pink on brown looks real sharp.)

    Sounds good? email me with more questions!

    Comment by jean — November 19, 2009 @ 12:25 am
  3. […] paper (4 colors, signed, un-numbered) are $50 …and there are still a bunch of these little neighborhood prints kicking […]

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