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February 2, 2009 at 4:35 am

Today: I cut my hair and made some fan art!

(Also worked on preliminary dimensions for the new print drying rack, FINALLY. Things have been taking me a long time recently…)

Fan art: for Mickey Z‘s comic “Bullshit Frank & Gorilla Joe”, which I don’t fully understand but do fully love:


“in solitude we all are Birdeyes”
(mickey, is it birdeye or birdeyes? if I’m wrong I’ll fix it when I ink it!)
much better!

Haircut: Reiter says “SHARP!” (photo, and back-of-neck trim, by scott)

new short hair

This is the shortest my hair has been since the summer of 2003 (when I’d had a shaggy mohawk for a while, then an italian anarcho-punk squatter kid buzzed the sides of it for me. It’s been growing out since then, for the past year or two it’s been mostly just looong). I was gonna not post pictures of myself here but, whatever, haircuts are crucial moments, and I’m psyched about this one.

(yes, that is an american-flag-painted ceramic grenade sitting perfectly as an extra hat on top of mini-santa-claus-cup in the background…)

A little while ago I hilariously joined Facebook, after much persuasion by my brother. If you are into the social media stuff you can find me here. I also signed up for twitter, but for now I’m just putting my updates from here onto my twitter feed, so if you’re already reading this you already saw it. However, if that kind of thing works well for you, here it is.

Lilah has been rocking it with amazing posts about fashion, appearance, and identity at mattababy, and Deb perfectly captured where I am at these days with this post on her art blog. In the real world, good conversations with many friends, about intense stuff, each offering new insights and different perspectives. Also a lovely day spent playing pinball in two different cities, and listening to/seeing this show. Thank you everybody.

ps. that is my first fan art ever!


  1. oh, whoa!!!!! thanks for drawing birdeyes! i feel wicked special! he is like on a quest or something! also his name is birdeyes with an s for plural(ize/eyes). was your hair that short when you stopped in today????

    Comment by mickey — February 2, 2009 @ 4:46 am
  2. I am so psyched to draw birdeyes, he (or she? or she/he?) is my favorite, besides, I’m not sassy enough to write dialogue for the other characters. yeah, b.e. is definitely on a spiritual and geographical journey, I was gonna add a thought bubble but it seemed extraneous by the time I was done drawing…

    hair: was totally not that short when I saw you, I got home & chopped most of it off while heating up leftover soup for dinner! but I have mostly been wearing it pulled back anyways, and hats, and scarves, and all that stuff… so it is gonna look more or less the same till summer probably! (but it feels way awesomer short).

    Comment by jean — February 2, 2009 @ 4:55 am
  3. well let me know if you think inside or outside the pattern is best… this week I definitely am stuck inside my own definitions and boundaries because of major overcommitments of time and a show looming… like the hair, I have had mine short since I was 11 but when I went back to England to write my master’s I couldn’t afford haircuts so I let it grow out, I just recently cut it again to a sort of longish asymmetrical bob, but I am already thinking of cutting it again, short is way easier and less grey to dye!!!

    Comment by deb — February 2, 2009 @ 8:39 am
  4. deb, let’s see… right now, suddenly questioning the validity of a pattern — that I had accepted and totally internalized to myself my whole life, or at least since I was 13 or 14 or so. trying to figure out how to step outside of it… but yeah, once you stop taking the old criteria for granted there are no more paths so you gotta make them for yourself, it’s hard! I don’t know where I’m going! but it’s good to not feel so trapped and failing.

    I think I remember your “asymmetrical bob” haircut from a picture you posted… (I couldn’t find it in searching though). aww, dyeing the gray? I’m sure it would look awesome un-dyed as well!

    Comment by jean — February 2, 2009 @ 1:58 pm
  5. ‘do looks nice. I got my mop trimmed too today, coincidentally. Sounds like lots of exciting things going on up by you.

    Comment by Jonathan — February 3, 2009 @ 1:12 pm

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