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December 15, 2008 at 7:09 am

The past couple of days have been spent mostly seated at the computer… but now there are a bunch of new images on the website of new and old work! Missing posters from 2004 and earlier still haven’t been added, but there are finally some prints showing up for:

2005 . . . 2006 . . . 2007 . . . and 2008 . . .

(I know, just in time for 2009!)

I’d been putting it off for a while; glad to have it done.

Last week I also did the long-put-off step of (gasp!) buying 8-oz containers at the restaurant supply store. This allowed me to clean out my ink shelves, which had seemed totally crowded. In actuality, they were just packed with more than 30 pint- or quart-size containers that had less than 8 oz. of ink in them (mostly because we buy more earth balance and yogurt than we do hummus). Here are some (but not all!) of the new containers:

new ink containers!

I also fixed my glasses: copper wire and superglue.

glasses repair

So, all this stuff is getting done, great! . . . . . then yesterday I cut the first finger on my right hand, pretty deeply, on my friends’ pinball machine… Now all I’m good for is 9-fingered typing, I can’t even hold the stylus properly, and the printing that I urgently wanted to get done this weekend is getting put off another day or two till I can heal a little bit. . . . some things are seemingly ‘under control’, other things are totally messed up. .. and I can do nothing about them except wait with time & patience .. . . . . .

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  1. isn’t it nice when things are all tidied up! and I checked out your posters, didn’t have a lot of time to look but I REALLY really liked windows… it really speaks to so much i am thinking about right now, beautiful, thank you !!!

    Comment by deb — December 17, 2008 @ 12:14 am

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