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September 6, 2008 at 7:53 pm

“Oh hmm, what would happen if I did… this… or like this… maybe that would be cool. Would that even work?”

…and if you give it a chance, it does, to a certain degree at least, and turns into something relatively rad, or at least something that offers interesting possibilities for the future. I was trying to use up some empty space on a screen… and I thought I needed to come up with an idea for an upcoming printing job. It turned out that I didn’t have to come up with anything for this job, I just need to show up and print something on people’s shirts from an already-prepared screen… so I get to save this idea for myself! I printed these anyways, to test and have some more nifty paper to write notes on, before washing the stencil out. (if you want one of these thingys, write me a letter: po box 244, providence, ri 02901, and I’ll write you back using the print for stationery.) You get extra points if you can tell me how I made the stencil for it!

Everything here has been pretty chaotic: I was out of town for a week, jobs and projects are turning around and changing up on me, our housing situation has been in flux since our new downstairs neighbors turned out to be worse than our old ones (wouldn’t have thought this would be possible, but I guess it is), and… I got a 10th-hour email from Dave Cole‘s gallery asking me to finish printing the Truckmobile posters.

[here, with three colors printed. finally.]

This is exciting, since the hefty, two-fifths-printed stack of ~280 sheets of paper for these posters has been sitting in a corner of my studio for about two years now, taunting me. In September 2006, I finished and handed over to Dave 50 finished posters, right before the deadline, and printed two of the five colors on the rest of them (there are supposed to be 300 posters in the edition). That process was so grueling that I was waiting for a time when I was more rested and “un-busy” to take it on again… Printing three hundred posters is an unavoidably arduous task, though I am better at it now than I was two years ago, and have a better space to print in… it was overwhelming to think about tackling it.

Now, however, spurred on by hearing from the gallery (and feeling more certain that I will actually get paid for this work!), I have re-mixed the ink for the third color, and spent the day on Thursday printing it. Luckily I already have the ink more-or-less mixed for the fourth and fifth colors — I had saved them in tightly-closed containers — and they are almost the same as they were two years ago, as evidenced by this test print:

(you can see that the blue/purple shadow color is a little lighter than the color in the real print… I’m hoping that if I leave the lid off until I print it tomorrow, it will thicken & darken somewhat. it’s doubtful, since it’s humid as a jungle here and pouring down bathtubs of hurricane leftovers every 20 minutes or so… but it’s worth a shot.)

It will be great to have this done and crossed off the long list of procrastinatory projects. If you’re around Boston and want to come to Dave’s opening, where this poster will be displayed and/or probably for sale for big BUXXX, it’s this coming Wednesday, September 10th, 6-8 pm, at the Judi Rotenberg Gallery, 130 Newbury St. schmancy!!!

…of course, all the other projects I was going to work on this week have gotten pushed a little further down the calendar. That’s okay, the mental weight lifted by getting this done will make up for it, and the money will help open up time and space as well.

In related news: Our new downstairs neighbors (or somebody, but who else could it really have been?) broke into our cable box, and damaged our internet connection while trying to steal cable TV for themselves (which wouldn’t have even been available on that line anyways, since we don’t subscribe to it). (and yes, these people are like a horrible caricature of the worst neighbors ever: besides the incredibly loud music, disrespect, angry outbursts, and parking lot issues, plus the attempted cable theft, they broke into a locked space in the basement, threatened my housemate with violence, accused us of doing black magic/voodoo, and then claimed to our landlord that we told them that we would do black magic on them, and that they are afraid for their lives. ? ? ?) (note: we may be weirdos, we may possess giant Iron Maiden propaganda, but we have never done any black magic…)

On the bright side, the ensuing couple-of-days’ break from the Internet made me realize how much I use it as a pacifier/space-out-tool/excuse to procrastinate further, and let me understand how much I get done when I don’t have it… Consequently, one of my next steps over the next couple of weeks is to seriously wean myself away from reading random crap off the internet, specifically from the feed-reader I use, which is like the electronic cat-water-dish that never gets empty… wish me luck. Any strategies or suggestions would be much appreciated…

Oh yeah, here’s Lydia working on her poster for the October brass band invasion of Providence (which I am helping her design and print):

Here’s some progress on the kitchen at Forbes St: Andrew put in a new sink, in its new place (after the old sink bit the dust), and tiled the counter; I built this very provisional & tacked-together cup-drying-and-storage rack. We’ll see how it works…

…and here’s Buio helping me line up the perspective for the print for Tiny Showcase:

thanks Buio!


  1. I am sending you a letter… we could be soul mates, I am very excited I have found your blog and will be reading, look for a fun envelope to arrive soon!!

    Comment by deb — September 18, 2008 @ 1:48 pm
  2. awesome! I’ll be looking out for it!

    Comment by jean — September 24, 2008 @ 2:20 am
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