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May 2, 2008 at 12:14 am

Buio helps me get the last bunch of drawings and prints ready in time for the show! What a great cat!!!

In actual news, I am indeed trying to finish some last-minute stuff (visible there under the tail). Probably just one, maybe (if I am lucky, and fast) two new small prints. They are about the layout of spaces inside small apartments. In addition to being part of my research for the 2nd print series print (re: privacy & shared space), they (will) tie the architectural drawings in the show together with the more pictorial stuff. I hope.

And why am I paying so much attention to ordinary, crummy, low-rent apartments? Cesare Pavese, quoted in Robert Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style, says it for me:

A true revelation, it seems to me, will only emerge from stubborn concentration on a solitary problem. I am not in league with inventors or adventurers, nor with travellers to exotic destinations. The surest — also the quickest — way to awake the sense of wonder in ourselves is to look intently, undeterred, at a single object. Suddenly, miraculously, it will reveal itself as something we have never seen before.


My hasty measuring of all the work to figure out where it all goes on the wall. I am not very good at putting up art shows, haven’t done it that much, can’t afford to get anything framed right now. . . Stephen and I hung most of the show yesterday, but I ran out of binder clips and am still finishing some stuff… eep. Going back tomorrow with a new box of clips and a clearer sense of what will actually be finished. We also still have to finish putting up the ‘back room’ of the gallery, which is going to be lots of drawings, sketches, and preliminary work.

I went in today to drop off a drawing that had been at my friend’s house, and was surprised by how professional it looks, even in a not-quite-done state. In comparison to the Magic City project, it’s very sparse and “gallery-ish”, and feels empty, too much on the wall, not enough mess. Andrew says “Even though you know the people who run the gallery, it’s still a gallery.” We’ll see how the back room turns out. . . . that might ramp the mess factor up to where I feel comfortable with it. Who knows.


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