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February 26, 2008 at 4:01 am

small drawings in preparation for a poster

If you fold a piece of 11×17 inch paper in quarters, and then rip it along the folds, then fold each one of those pieces into quarters and rip those along the folds…. you have 16 small pieces of paper, each with the same proportions as the original sheet, that are about 2.75″ x 4.25″…

… and are perfect for spitting out multiple tryouts of ideas for 11″x17″ poster layouts. As you can see, some ideas are good, some are less good… but you would never get there without drawing them all out.

This work was done at the same time as looking on flickr for tomato- & farm-based images. I’m only beginning to comprehend the wealth of photo reference that lives on the internet… it engenders a different kind of browsing than looking through old National Geographics (my previous main photo reference source), but is equally intriguing, though less moldy, and the colors might not be quite as beautiful… (NB. If you have a child, and a tomato garden… the picture you are about to take of him or her picking a tomato in the garden — it’s already been taken.)

Poster: for Farm Fresh RI, the group that organizes farmers’ markets and other local food initiatives.

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