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a short two day project

October 17, 2007 at 11:23 pm

…that has nothing to do with any of the other projects, except that it’s pushing the photocopy-collage-for-generating-form strategy, and it’s an easy way to get back into sitting at my desk, drawing, cutting stuff up, and working quietly. The best part of tonight was when Buio (the cat) jumped up on the desk and knocked apart the careful, rectilinear arrangement I had laid all the pieces out in. I was initially frustrated, but then after he got down and I looked at the patterns again, I quickly taped everything into place just as he had skewed it. Cat! so much better of a graphic designer than I am!

The idea of using this specific pattern (a relatively mundane one, the origin of which I will not reveal here…) to make further patterns was stolen from Scott Work/Death. He’s been on tour for almost two months now, and when I found another box with this pattern on it and remembered our earlier conversation about how rad it was… I couldn’t resist. I am sure that when he gets around to making his own pattern out of it, it will be completely different, so I’m not worried about stepping on toes here.

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  1. […] happens to be the same model fan that inspired this project… hmm, I just realized I never put up any images of how that turned […]

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