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Four-layer print on ‘natural’ paper

– signed & numbered edition of 33.

print dimensions: 24 15/16″ x 11 3/8″
paper dimensions: 25 1/2″ x 12″

drawn 2010-2011
edition printed 2013

by Ian Cozzens


>> more colorways: lavender, green, blue

I printed a (very widely) variable “edition” of about 30 of these in 2011, with five layers, experimenting with different colors and varying placements of the different layers. Those unique prints are almost gone… and there was some popular demand for a less expensive version of these prints… and I knew that to fulfill their original purpose of being a ‘democratic multiple’, I would need to make some actual *multiples*, ha! So, here are four new colorways, four different editions, with four layers instead of five.

These all involve overlapping transparent colors, some solid colors, rainbow roll gradients, some metallic / iridescent inks… etc. The background color on this print is slightly iridescent, I was trying to mix a color that wasn’t “maroon”, instead thinking about it as “brick purple”… That sounds good, right?

Process details and history here…

The slightly varying texture in the background is part of the print, is uniform throughout the edition, and intentional. It’s a result of printing a large area of a transparent color — so that the brightness of the paper will reflect through the ink, and have some luminosity rather than the flat “chalkiness” that you get when printing a color mixed with a lot of white ink…



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