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Four-layer print on white paper

– signed & numbered edition of 32.

print dimensions: 26 13/16″ x 12″
paper dimensions: 27 5/16″ x 12 9/16″

drawn and printed 2012 into 2013

by Ian Cozzens


>> another colorway

These prints began when I was drawing the “our complexity is the world” posters, and realized that a) I wanted to highlight this word further, and that b) script fonts are really intriguing (which I had known since making this print, but, you know, you can always re-learn a lesson again & again if you have to!). The word was drawn, cut in rubylith, and then during printing the layers were intentionally printed out of alignment with each other — though every print in the edition has the same mis-alignment — does that make sense?

Here you can see a bunch more details, process work, & explication.

The slightly varying texture in the orange background is part of the print, is uniform throughout the edition, and intentional. It’s a result of printing a large area of a transparent color — so that the brightness of the paper will reflect through the ink, and have some luminosity rather than the flat “chalkiness” that you get when printing a color mixed with a lot of white ink…



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